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‘CHIRANJIVI - The Beginning’ is set in backdrop of Mahabharata, after a time gap of around 1000 years, approximately 2000 BCE. A Sage had been living through the curse of Shri Krishna, who had given him a punishment by removing a gem on his forehead. The removal of the gem resulted in a permanent wound on his forehead, which constantly oozed blood and pus. The pain was enormous, the stink of the wound unbearable. Walkers would change their paths, if they saw Sage coming their way. The pain and the insult were unbearable. Only solace was fresh butter, when put in his wounds gave temporary relief to the Sage. He was being forced to beg butter, every day, for last 1000 years. Life was a hell for him, but still patiently he was living the life. Till one day, the leash on his patience broke when the people of Vrindavan refused to give him butter to fill his wounds. The insult gave way to the pain and agony, which were suppressed for the past 1000 years. And once again, after the war of Kurukshetra, anger took over Ashwatthama. Out of rage, using his super natural powers, Ashwatthama decides to annihilate the earth.The grave insult gave way to the suppressed pain and agony. And once again, after the war of Kurukshetra, anger took over the sage. He decides to annihilate the earth. No earth, no suffering. Govind, an innocent boy in his late teenage came to know of Sage’s disastrous intentions. But, on confrontation Govind realised that, Sage was too powerful, so much so that, in a fight, he could not even touch him once. In his fight for saving millions of lives on the earth, Govind loses his beloved father and a dear friend at the hands of the Sage. The reign of terror was unleashed by the Sage and his accomplices across the country, which went on a rampage of killing children and women, enslaving the male members, burning crops and cutting the jungles. In short earth’s existence was put at risk. The book contains an interesting story of; How did Govind manage to find a way to tame and control super powerful and seemingly invincible sage? What were the challenges Govind came across in his journey? Could he save himself from wrath of mighty sage? If yes, how?.. Link Details


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A story of a family trip to Madagascar and Zimbabwe with photos and events, as well as traveling in those countries. Family Trip To Magical Madagascar and Beyond captures the fun memories that the family enjoyed in Madagascar and, at the same time, shares to readers the unparalleled wonder of the island country. .. Link Details


After sustaining an injury while playing his last high school football game, misery appears before Brian. He has himself involved in an altercation at a party. Things haven’t been easy for Deanie either. Her ex-boyfriend Bill comes rolling back in town. After forcing himself on her, he gets her pregnant with his baby. The moment Brian finds out, the situation worsens from there. .. Link Details


Executive Assistant Jasmine Moore’s world turns upside down after the loss of her husband. Then, finding out about his affairs, she seeks revenge. To Jasmine’s surprise, she finds love instead with Dr. Jason and lets go of her revenge, only to find out someone is trying to kill her. Who’s trying to kill Jasmine? And why? Just when she finds love and happiness, will she survive to enjoy it? .. Link Details


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Is the rich Aryan past a myth or history? If it is history, what happened to the rich technological heritage of the Mahabharata times? Long ago, five native tribes of Aryans, Vaishyas, Garudas, Waanars and Asuras lived together in harmony at Gondwana. Things changed when a foreign force of Khidmatgars attacked. 250 years after the invasion, Khidmatgars are now a formidable force in Gondwana. Led by Commander Bakht Khan, they have successfully tamed all the native tribes except the Aryans. Yet the Commander's desire for conquest is not satiated. During an unusual conquest of Agneyapuram, Commander accidentally lays his hands on ancient secret of the Mahabharata times - a secret so strong that it can actually help Khidmatgars claim entire Gondwana for themselves. At the same time, a genius Aryan Prince of Indraprashta has vowed to annihilate Khidmatgars from Gondwana using the same secret. What's the secret? Will the Commander be able to tame the Aryans using the secret or shall the genius Aryan prince write the history his way? Gondwana is staring at a war which has the potential to change its fate forever. Plunge into the epic story of the Vedic past with THE GENIUS OF INDRAPRASHTA. Free sample chapters available for reading on https://harshwardhanpadole.com About The Author HARSHWARDHAN PADOLE, born in 1986, is a graduate from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur. He later studied Business Management from prestigious MDI, Gurgaon. After testing his skills in Indian IT Industry for a brief time, he is currently working in the Indian Defence Aerospace Industry for last one decade. He is a passionate reader of fiction works and biographies and considers J. K. Rowling, Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer and Amish Tripathi as his writing mentors. The Genius of Indraprashta is his debut book inspired from his understanding of India’s cultural history and Indian epics... Link Details


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Gambling has long been a tabooed subject in many societies; in actuality, many people believe it to be a form of gambling. However, many people still enjoy the thrill and excitement that come together with gambling; hence, the reason there are casinos all around the world. Betting has even made its way into popular culture, with reality shows like"The Weakest Link" where folks play slots... Link Details


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In examining the Jungle Rules trilogy, one can see how facts have been carefully woven with elements of fiction to create a compelling plot. Its author, Paul Shemella, used his extensive knowledge and experience in military operations to produce a convincing story that critics and experts can agree on and mere readers can learn from. Indeed, novels like the Jungle Rules trilogy prove that reality can merge with fiction in a creative manner. The essence of writing a novel based on reality is greatly manifested in the merit of the Jungle Rules trilogy. Here is a summary of it:.. Link Details


For example, if all of us to take this argument of coveting and apply it to other areas of life, then Christians must allowed to get things for example stock area of interest... Link Details


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